Shrunk My Boyfriend

7:10 video

Stella's boyfriend was so annoying last night and made a total scene at the club so she decided to teach him a little lesson. When he wakes up he realizes he is no longer 6'5" and instead wakes up no bigger than 5'1". She ordered a powder off ebay that claimed to have shrinking powers and she sprinkled it on his pillow and in his jock strap before he went to bed. Now he is going to have first hand experience of what it is like to be smaller than everyone else. His ego needed a little adjustment and this is what he deserves. Stella dominates his tiny body with her big frame and compares their new sizes. She is so happy now she won't have to worry about all the chicks flirting with him out in public. However, she quickly bores of his lack of enthusiasm so she decides to go on a date with a taller guy. 

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