3 Way Chastity for Candi- Sweet Tooth Pt 4

14:00 video

Candi broke the rules recently and snuck out the house to flirt with men at the local fetish club. I am gong to imposes a complete charity period on Candi and she will see why I am in charge around here. First, is her regular chastity device, you’d think this would be enough to keep Candi under control but no, she still have two ultra-slutty holes she’s been spreading for anyone who passes glance upon her slutty curves. I plug and secure her facial chastity device, complete with head harness, mouth plug and variable gagging device. Lastly, Candi is made to get on her knees and show me her final asset. Her juicy, plump, bubble butt. I have a very special plug for this hole, as a normal bluttplug just won’t do to keep this fiery lass contained within my comped. This bith seems to always be in heat, so I am going to take away any chance she has to be used as a little top. The metal plug is driven into her anus and screwed tightly into place. Once inside, each screw makes the plug widen and expand, pushing and stretching my little slut magnet to the limit. Not only will she not be able to get fucked, give head or be riddled, she is going to be stretched wide for my use. Now, if only I had some mittens for her hands, to see the bitch from giving free hands in the alley we would be all set.

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