What it's Like to Fuck Me Toe Tease

10:17 video

You just left my place. I kissed you and you kissed me back. You sat at the foot of my bed, licking my feet, breathing me in. So sweet and soft. You pulled your cock out and started rubbing it, while you had your finger placed on the button between my legs, stroking me thorough my panties. You told me you wanted to watch me lick my toes. Your eyes widening with excitement while I licked my sole from heel to toe, drenching them in spit. Shoving my foot down my own throat, you wondered how you had never seen that before. I told you some things are worth waiting for. You took my toes into your mouth, making me drip wet for you. Eager for your cock in my throat, inside me. I sat on your face not letting you touch me, while taking your cock into my lips, and all the way down my throat until I gagged. I lowered my ass down onto your face, you tickling me with your tongue. I placed my toes against your face while I suck your cock, as deep as it will go inside me. I climb onto your dick, within moments I’m moaning with pleasure. Wanting that closeness with you, that desire to have you every single day. To ride your cock and be yours. Staring into your eyes, you smile up at me, watching me take what I need from you, and more. Watching me want you, needing you, loving your cock, like its the last thing I ever want on earth. A fire between my legs begins to grow and I can’t help but release a warm wetness all over your belly. Slapping against you, the sound slick with wetness. Wanting you as far inside me as you can go, needing you as far inside me you can go. Never having enough of that, always wanting more, that closeness with you. Riding you until I come again and again, loving every moment of that. Entire clip is hand held view of my feet.

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