Why You Have Toilet Fetish Now... You're Welcome

8:10 video

It's obvious to me how you found your way here. You see, it was always my intention to ruin you and give you the worst fetish of them all. A toilet fetish! Sit there and watch me take a dump while wearing leather and red high heels. You can't help yourself, you are so weak and pathetic for a powerful woman. You let me lead you this far and now you can't stop. Maybe you started with a foot fetish, maybe just a thing for dominant women, but now, you're eagerly awaiting another toilet clip to drop so you can be at your favorite place. I get it, I'm irresistable to you, but now you'll never be rid of your disgusting fetish and I have ruined your sex life forever. Stroke to my toilet time and prove how helpless you've become and wait for your favorite part, when I show you my bare naked asshole and command you to clean me. 

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